About Us

The Stanislaus Latino Chamber of Commerce (SLCC) is a membership business organization working to bridge the gap between Latino and non-Latino businesses and community interests in Stanislaus County. Our membership benefits provide active and visible advocacy. We support businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals dedicated to the economic growth of the Central Valley.

Originally the Chamber was formed in Manteca and served the South San Joaquin Valley.  In 2015, with no official chamber existing in Stanislaus County and most of the South San Joaquin Valley members, the chamber being from Stanislaus County, the Central Valley Hispanic Chamber (CVHCC) was founded.. The chamber remained the CVHCC until 2023 when the name was changed to the Stanislaus Latino Chamber of Commerce (SLCC).

SLCC exists to serve and empower our members to be successful in their business endeavors. We don’t want our chamber to be just something members sign up for, we want it to be something they experience. The Stanislaus Latino Chamber of Commerce is a chamber for everyone!

Our Mission is to facilitate the economic bridging of industry, business, and consumers through business development services and advocacy.

Our Foundation

As part of our chamber SLCC we have our Foundation. Our Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that exists to provide support for education programs that promote post-secondary academic and vocational advancements.  It’s also a goal of the Foundation to help remove barriers to education, especially for first generation students and those of lower socio-economic standing, by providing a variety of accessible, affordable activities and offering financial support in the form of scholarships.