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About The Stanislaus Latino Chamber Of Commerce

About Us

The SLCC is a membership business organization working to bridge the gap between Latino and non-Latino businesses and community interests in Stanislaus County. Our membership benefits provide active and visible advocacy. We support businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals dedicated to the economic growth of the Central Valley.

Originally the Chamber was formed in Manteca and served the South San Joaquin Valley.  In 2015, with no official chamber existing in Stanislaus County and most of the South San Joaquin Valley members of the chamber being from Stanislaus County the Central Valley Hispanic Chamber (CVHCC) was founded. The chamber remained the CVHCC until 2023 when the name was changed to the Stanislaus Latino Chamber of Commerce (SLCC).


There are numerous benefits to joining our Chamber of Commerce, but here are a few.

Business Networking

We offer a platform for business owners to network with other like-minded professionals. These networks provide opportunities to build relationships and create partnerships that can help grow your business.

Increased Visibility

Being a member of our Chamber of Commerce can provide increased visibility for your business. Members are listed in the Chamber’s directory, which can help potential customers find you more easily, leading to more sales.

Marketing Opportunities

We provide members with marketing opportunities such as advertising, sponsorships, and event partnerships. These opportunities can help increase your business’s exposure and attract new customers.

Access to Resources

Chambers of Commerce provides members with access to resources such as business education programs, workshops, and mentorship programs. These resources can help you grow and improve your business.

Community Involvement

Joining our Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get involved in your local community. We organize events and volunteer opportunities that allow members to give back to their community while also networking and building relationships with other members.

Why Join?

Joining a chamber of commerce can provide networking opportunities and access to resources that can help your business grow and succeed. It can also give you a platform to advocate for the interests of your business and community.

Community Support 100%
Business Growth 100%
Monthly Meetings 100%

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